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What Is Overtraining?

The Tao Of Overtraining:

So what is overtraining? Obviously if you are training to the point of injury and to where you can’t perform normally, this is something you shouldn’t be doing. That doesn’t require too much explanation. But how much of a workout is too much?

One school of thought is that overtraining workouts are actually a good thing as long as you have some common sense not to overtrain yourself to the point of injury, because pushing your limits is a necessary practice to maximize results and push yourself to the next level.

According to Mike Rashid, overtraining is a good thing! It is a mind state about expanding your limits to get to the next level. Maximizing results and constantly improving requires experimentation and going beyond the same old routine that you are accustomed to.



Watch the video below to get Mike Rashid’s philosophy on the mind state of overtraining

Bodybuilding has always been a game about balance. If your balancing act is off then you’re likely to get some negative results out of the whole endeavor. You can lift heavy and are encouraged to, especially if you want to do more than just look the part of a bodybuilder. But if you only focus on hauling heavy weight then you’re unlikely to get that ripped and shredded physique you’re gunning for. You have to balance that heavy weight training with some more moderate weight training, as well as some cardio for good measure. If your diet is extremely healthy, but you eat way more than you need to, healthy or not you’re going to gain fat.

The balancing act has always been of major importance in building a physique to be proud of. So it can be a hard pill to swallow for some when the topic of overtraining is brought up. The subject of overtraining has always been ambiguous. There are plenty of people who believe that overtraining can ruin your gains and cause injuries. There’s also another school of thought that believes overtraining is key to seeing the best results. Some people even say that there is no such thing as overtraining.

Mike Rashid is one of the guys that believes overtraining is necessary to bodybuilding. The bodybuilder and inspirational YouTuber has some interesting ideologies about bodybuilding and overtraining is something he believes is not only helpful for creating the ultimate physique, but also necessary. Take a listen to Rashid as he breaks down the reasoning behind why he believes you should be overtraining.

Whatever side you believe to be true, there’s no doubting the fact that hard work and dedication is what’s going to get you to the top. So what’s you opinion on the subject? Is overtraining a myth or the only road to seeing results? Let us know what you think in the comments and forums.



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